Children’s Accommodation

The children reside in two well-equipped hostel complexes – one for boys and the other for girls. There are nearly 200 children in the hostels, each hostel being managed by a supervisor. There is a team of 12 supporting staff who look after the well being of the children. A hostel management committee takes care of the overall management of the hostels, looking into the needs and requirements.

Boys' Hostel

Girls' Hostel

Each hostel complex is completely self-contained with its own solar heated water supply, fully functioning kitchen facilities, dining hall, study room, meditation room and a playground. A flower garden and vegetable farm have also been set up and are maintained by the children. Automated washing facilities for the students are in the process of being installed.

The children take turns in helping out with the kitchen work and in the general upkeep of the hostel premises.

In addition to the hostels, most of the younger children (4 years and above) continue to live at Lepcha Cottage where they have a lot of fun playing with each other, the three resident dogs and the cat! Here, the children are also instilled with habits-for-life such as personal hygiene, environment consciousness and even spirituality.


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Genesis and history of Human Development Foundation of Sikkim

We work to ensure that disadvantaged children get access to good quality education for life

A community of young boys and girls living, studying and growing up together

Grants, sponsorships and donations go a long way in financing the children projects

From sponsorships to voluntary services, the children are the sole beneficiaries

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