All children deserve the best start in life - children have the right to live in a world where they have hope and opportunity.

Children need special care and assistance, without which they cannot fully develop their potential.

The early years are a crucial period in children's development. The kind of start in life they get can determine their whole life, and what they learn lays the foundations for later learning

Human Development Foundation of Sikkim (HDFS) works to ensure that disadvantaged children get access to good quality education that is relevant and useful to them. Taking into account the reality of children's lives HDFS provides solutions to the problems they face.

We at HDFS lay the foundation for the long-term development of the children and enable them and their communities to become self-reliant.


National Acknowledgment

The achievements of HDFS have not only received state recognition within Sikkim but also on a national level. On 14th November 2003 (Children `s Day) the Government of India presented HDFS with the NATIONAL AWARD FOR CHILDREN`S WELFARE 2002.


Children's Village

A community of nearly 200 underprivileged orphaned/semi-orphaned and needy children living, studying and training together to become self reliant in their lives…

Pre-vocational centre

The pre-vocational programme seeks to develop all young people into successful, self reliant, self-fulfilled, caring and resourceful adults


HDFS's children's projects are supported and financed in a number of ways - from child sponsorships and donations to grants and individual gifting...

Mission & Objectives
Lepcha Cottage
Organisation Structure
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Genesis and history of Human Development Foundation of Sikkim

We work to ensure that disadvantaged children get access to good quality education for life

A community of young boys and girls living, studying and growing up together

Grants, sponsorships and donations go a long way in financing the children projects

From sponsorships to voluntary services, the children are the sole beneficiaries

We look forward to your call or visit to HDFS