Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement
To enable the needy and destitute children of Sikkim to grow up to their full potential as responsible, self reliant, productive and caring citizens of the state by providing them with education and vocational training opportunities
To educate and raise the awareness level of the Sikkimese people of their collective responsibility to these children and of the need to support their cause
To ensure that all projects undertaken by HDFS are self sustaining, reflecting the need of the communities and that they have a stake and ownership in the project



Provide safe, secure and caring homes for the destitute children where they will be looked after with food, clothing, medical help, tutorials assistance and companionship of other children
Assist them with admission after completion of class X in various schools and pay for their educational requirements
Sponsor teachers in schools that are located in remote corners of the state so that children in those regions have the benefit of proper education
Sensitise the children to livelihood earning issues at an early age and inculcate in them the value, dignity, honour and spirituality in honest work thereby preparing them for self reliance in their adult lives
Provide in house vocational training to children with a view to providing these children with livelihood earning capacity in their adult lives.
Retain, preserve, enhance and integrate Sikkimese culture, tradition and life style in the daily lives of children
Provide financial, technical and managerial support to those institutions and individuals engaged in assisting destitute children
Voice the concerns of these children through credible communication channel so that their predicament is brought to the attention of the public and the government

Lepcha Cottage
Organisation Structure
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Genesis and history of Human Development Foundation of Sikkim

We work to ensure that disadvantaged children get access to good quality education for life

A community of young boys and girls living, studying and growing up together

Grants, sponsorships and donations go a long way in financing the children projects

From sponsorships to voluntary services, the children are the sole beneficiaries

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