The Pre-vocational programme was introduced in order to spot inherent talents and raise motivation levels of the students, especially in the case of weaker students. The programme seeks to develop all young people into successful, self reliant, self-fulfilled, caring and resourceful adults able to make informed choices and empowered to make a positive contribution to society.

This has required local learning providers, communities and employers working in partnership with a commitment to change, developing flexible programmes to ensure individual learner needs are met.

Pre Vocational Training

The pre-vocational programme – with a skills-for-life approach – has a significant role to play in bringing confidence and skills to the young students so that they become self reliant and independent in their career. The programme gives the students to explore their interest and desire in a particular field.

Some of the activities that the students have been introduced to, include:

• Animal husbandry
• Basket weaving
• Broom making
• Cane & bamboo handicrafts
• Carpentry
• Floriculture
• Food preservation
• Hand made paper crafts

• Home Science
• Needle work
• Pot painting
• Note book printing & binding*
• Tailoring
• Typewriting
• Vegetable farming
• Vermiculture

* Most of the note books used by the students in the school have been made by the children themselves

We conduct these pre-vocational programmes with a view to continuing traditional industry and developing local cottage industries such as Thangka painting (traditional Tibetan style painting), food preservation (e.g. pickles with local ingredients) among others.

HDFS also supports students who want to pursue entrepreneurial-orientated courses such as in beauty management, driving, catering etc. In these cases, HDFS makes arrangements for these students to attend specialized institutes for the same.

Progression and achievement of students on the programme have been testimony to the value of a curriculum tailored to individual needs and providing vocational choices that meet interest and aspiration.

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