Thank you for wanting to join us in our quest to help children from adverse backgrounds. If you are between jobs, a student on vacation, a tourist on a holiday or if your organisation promotes or supports voluntary work you could look at helping HDFS achieve the goal of getting every needy and destitute child of Sikkim to school and learning well.

Please fill out the volunteer form and we will get in touch with you soon.

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Genesis and history of Human Development Foundation of Sikkim

We work to ensure that disadvantaged children get access to good quality education for life

A community of young boys and girls living, studying and growing up together

A skills-for-life approach to empower young students to become self-reliant

Grants, sponsorships and donations go a long way in financing the children projects

From sponsorships to voluntary services, the children are the sole beneficiaries

We look forward to your call or visit to HDFS